~ The Power of Passion and Divine Faith in Cultivating A Bold Personal Vision For Your Future

Beautiful friends,

In sharing thoughts about personal passion and dreams for the new year, I intuitively thought of an incredible high achiever. Nik Halik is a Global Wealth Strategist, Astronaut, Entrepreneur, International Speaker,High Adrenalin Adventurer and Best-Selling Author. In writing and compiling The Golden Thread book, I invited his extraordinary insights on living a life filled with passion and purpose.

To realize our fullest and highest potential in life is not an easy task. It takes dedication, passion, focus and vision…and unwavering faith. We must believe in ourselves, and truly know with the entirety of our being, that we are unique and have come here to Earth to share the divine gift that we are.

Whether it takes this Now moment or whether it takes a lifetime to realize the gift that YOU are, all that matters is that we start on the road to unleashing our innermost dreams, to sharing the beauty of who we are with the world. There is no time like now. The world really is waking up. And beyond the external reality of all that is not peaceful, that is not pure, that is not resonating love, beyond that, there is YOU. Deep within your being you are Love, Divine Wisdom, Power, Passion and Purpose.

And so, in welcoming the New Year, I am thrilled to share another excerpt from The Golden Thread book, with Nik Halik. I asked Nik:

How do you keep the flame of passion alight for discovering the
infinite array of life’s peak experiences?

I see my life as a beautiful and inspirational example of ‘passion
in action’. Passion is a source of ‘unlimited energy from your
soul, your spirit and your heart’. It is necessary to overcome the
fears that are generated from your mind that can block you from
pursuing your passion. You have been designed by God, by the
Universe, by whatever force you acknowledge, to pursue your
passions with passion.

I ultimately believe it is our responsibility to leave the world a
better place than we found it. It’s the legacy we leave behind, the
footprints we leave in history that count. We need to focus on the
passions and motivations that radiate an abundance of vitality
and energy in our lives, rather than just the size of our wallets. I
am the new breed of moneyed traveller looking for high octane
adventure. Thrillionaire’s are individuals who understand the
thrill of giving and share their stories so that others will become
inspired to become thrillionaire’s themselves. It is just like an
inner compass guiding you towards your destination.

Look around. There is an abundance of thrills to be experienced.
The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our life. We
need to collect our change every day and give it to something that
warms our heart. Everybody has a gift to give. If you put coins in
somebody else’s parking meter, send money to a child in need,
sponsor endangered animals, collect change for UNICEF, give
away your personal belongings to charity, lead an exhilarating
heart pounding adventurous lifestyle or write a cheque for a
massive cash donation, you are a thrillionaire.

“Twenty years from now you will be more
disappointed by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the
bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour.
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.
Dream. Discover.”

~ Mark Twain, Author

Share with us about personal drive and vision:

Your dream must be as big as you are. It doesn’t serve you or the
universe to play small. Humility is a virtue, but false modesty or
holding back from your highest good is anti-prosperity. Muscles
that aren’t exercised atrophy and dreams, visions and desires are
the same. Your vision of your future must be bold, daring and
imaginative if you want it to manifest. You need the compelling
“pull” that a big dream will exert upon you. It must be so powerful
that you throw the sheets off in the morning and race into your
day with anticipation. This is the core of personal drive.
Vision brings your prosperity to you much sooner. Prosperity
is manifested in the mind first. You can stumble across random
blessings, but true and boundless prosperity comes as a result
of envisioning it first. Affirmations, goal cards and other devices
that enhance and strengthen your vision have the same result.
You actually program your subconscious mind with the desired
goal and once something is programmed in your subconscious, it
has to happen.

What is the importance of personal vibration?

With everything we do in our lives, we need to resonate in
harmonic vibration with our core beliefs and values, so that we
can achieve what we desire. When you have a powerful vision,
you bend the universe to your will. This is one of those things that
the uninitiated have a hard time understanding and especially
believing, but at its ultimate level, everything in the universe can
be distilled down to an energy vibration and energy vibrations
can certainly be aware of and respond to other energy vibrations.
So yes, you really can attract prosperity to you, just as you can
manifest a parking space, an elevator coming, or an available
hotel room.

When you have a compelling dream and a strong belief in that
dream, you attract partners, manifest resources, impact markets
and create an entire roller coaster of reactions to your vision. This
is as a result of your personal harmonic vibration that is perfectly
aligned with your core truths.

Share with us about the power of the mind:

Your mind is an instrument for poverty or prosperity. This is either
the scariest thing you will hear, or the most liberating insight you
will ever learn. Make it the latter, and you are well on your way
to abundance. No two people ever view the same event the same
way. Where one may see a threat, the other sees opportunity. Of
all the tools you can use to manifest your prosperity, your mind
is the most powerful.

It is mandatory for us to cultivate our mind, hence allowing it to
blossom beyond our expectations. I sincerely believe that this is
the secret of happiness, where we truly find what we dearly love
to do and then direct all of our energy towards doing it. Once
we find out what our life’s work is, we transform and undergo a
sea of change and feel alive. We wake up every morning with a
limitless reservoir of energy and enthusiasm for life.

As a society, we should be reprogrammed to re-establish rapport
with our conscious mind and raise our level of awareness. By
dismantling the boundary condition of thoughts, we empower
ourselves to eradicate the tyranny of conditioned thinking. We
therefore simply need to make a conscious decision to unplug
ourselves from the system, set our minds free, open the door,
walk through the door, keep it open and propel ourselves towards
our divine destiny.

“You may chain my hands and shackle my
feet; you may even throw me into a dark prison,
but you shall not enslave my thinking because it
is free”

~ Kahlil Gibran, Poet ~


To your divine destiny unfolding, dear readers. Thank you Nik for sharing your incredibly insightful and powerful insights. May 2016 bring the flourishing and blossoming of dreams long held deep in your hearts. Until my next post, feel free to contact me on Facebook or download The Golden Thread book on Amazon.

With divine blessings and love,

Amata Xxx


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~ The Resonance Effect ~ Catalyzing Inspiration in Each Other and the Powerful Symbology of Dreams ~

In compiling and writing The Golden Thread, I experienced something far greater than my own will. It was a project that consumed my every spare moment, around my work commitments, and yet in every one of those moments I was filled with profound joy. This brings me to the “resonance effect”. When we develop a passion for a project it seems to take on its own life, quite effortlessly, it drives itself, knowing exactly where it is heading.

This resonance I experienced, brought the project into being a lot quicker than if I had been ‘stressed or not resonating’ at the same vibration that the project required. This effect was really an inner calling that reached out for higher guidance, and in doing so, drew in  exactly the right beings to also contribute to the project. And again, in this, the resonance effect continued. I was buoyed by the resonance of the wisdom and depth of insight that all of my contributors gave to the book. In my interviews with each of these extraordinary and inspiring individuals, I too was uplifted and inspired. This to me, reinforced the very nature of our entire existence….that we are all connected. We need each other. No being is an island.

And so, in the absolute joy and gratitude I experienced in compiling such a project, today I felt to share with you a wonderful insight by Dr Michael Ellis, contributing author to The Golden Thread. Michael is an Integrative Doctor, Buddhist, Global Peace Ambassador and Founder of the Medical Renaissance Group.

I asked Michael, “What drives you?”

And here he shares his beautiful response:

“Experiences such as this drive me. I dreamt that I was with a group
of people who were around a central monolith in a circle. We had
come together to create a very significant project. It was obvious
that each person had unique qualities and abilities. The voice was
giving detailed information regarding our group’s intention. It was
evident that each person in the circle had something extremely
valuable to offer in terms of their knowledge and expertise. We
were rescuers on a planet, which was severely compromised. We
were to set up circles of like-minded people around the world, all
of whom had a common mission.

The aim was to set up peace boats to deliver essential supplies
to the deprived and compromised communities of people around
the world. The boats would be full of essential materials for
survival. However, the basic ingredients were not so much the
materials, but the quality of the people who were going to deliver
the supplies and who were involved in the process. I should
explain that this group had come together like a roundtable and
they had common unified agreements. We were all in a circle
centred on a stone monolith, near the sea. The monolith was a
pillar about six-foot tall. It was quite wide and in the centre was
emblazoned a six pointed star.
The star was a symbol of ultimate
compassion, an expression of the heart and an expression of
the Divine matrix of life. It was a symbol of illumination and an
expression of enlightenment. It was the projection of the monad
of the enlightened soul of humankind.

Because of this expression each participant, when delivering these
essential supplies to the deprived and compromised people, would
be a living embodiment of this group, in terms of compassion
and representing the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity.
They would transcend all differences of race, religion and culture.

The voice then said that there would be no problem about setting
this up as we would find extremely wealthy, almost billionaire
benefactors. The voice said we would start gradually with just a
small amount of money and that this would accumulate as the
message was promulgated. The circle was a sacred circle, a circle
of sharing. The meeting ended with a beautiful heartfelt song,
regarding the star and the nature of giving from the heart. The
song was sung by a man of African descent, with a beautiful soul
voice celebrating the event.

I woke up, realizing this had not been a dream but an experience
and a profound message and I wrote it down at the time and later
told other people about it. Later that night I had a dream about
Glastonbury. Above the hotel where I was staying, there was the
infinite sky in the infinite cosmos. When I looked up, I saw very
powerful flashes of lightning very high up in the universe. They
felt like messages in a strange tongue of light. I felt that there
were giant cosmic forces at work. The message was very clear.
The message was that this was an opportunity that would never
happen again for eons upon eons. This obviously was a call to
action. Now.

Since the experiential dreams I have found that by following my
intuition and creating appropriate actions, remarkable events
are unfolding relating to the themes of the dreams. In ‘The
Global Round Table for Peace Initiative’, I have called for the
establishment of Round Tables for Peace and the establishment of
an Australian Commission for Peace and Non Violence devoted to
new ways of thinking, developing a culture of Healing in Society
and facilitating nonviolent solutions to domestic and international
conflict. This is premised on the sentiment that humankind has
reached a state of development in which the old modes of thinking
and behaving threaten to destroy our planet.

I realise the symbology of these experiential messages came from
divine sources. For me there were so many complex symbols
in the dream that I still have difficulty in deciphering them.
Certainly opening the total heart is a key to world peace and
the lightning flashes from the seat of heaven suggest a divine
promise of salvation for all humanity. As a Buddhist I find these
experiences difficult to reconcile and feel as Dr Hurtak has since
said to me, that there are many languages of light and they all
come from the same divine source, mystic truth or divine nomad.
Indeed we are all expressions of the ultimate truth and therein
resides the perfection innate in every single human being.”

To join Michael’s inspiring initiative, visit: http://www.peacecentre.org

I have many more inspiring symbolic insights to share with you from
the amazing beings that I interviewed for The Golden Thread.
Let the resonance effect continue!!! Until next time! Love and blessings Xxx

Helping Each Other

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~ Our Light is Universal Light ~

~ Our Light is universal Light. Each of us shining our light in
the world contribute to the greater universal light of our planet.
It is often easy to forget our divinity in a chaotic world.
Re-connecting with our light, our golden universal thread, enables
us to feel our totality once again with the greater cosmos.
Through prayer, meditation, and practicing daily gratitude,
we strengthen our connection with our light, and feel closer to God.
We become lighter and and our spirits truly sparkle. We feel a sense
of expansion, forgetting our apparent ‘self’ as separate, and awaken
our infinite universal ‘self’ of divine light.

This is our eternal ‘Now’ self. Through this natural state of expansion
that takes place, we recognise what a wonder life is. Our consciousness
becomes all-inclusive, embracing every living being in the universe.
We realise our inherent connection with All That Is; the Great
Mystery. We realise that we are part of the matrix, part of the
divine mystery, part of the cosmic plan and that we have direct
access to universal wisdoms. We move from a sense of separation
into all-embracing oneness. We see the universe in a grain of
sand. We are both the universe and that grain of sand. There
exists part in whole and whole in part.

“All parts are part of the larger whole, but are
whole in essence in their part. To see the whole
in every part is the ripe wholeness of our true
nature” ~ Amata

“To see the world in a grain of sand and
heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm
of your hand and eternity in an hour”
~ William Blake, Mystic and Poet

When we are connected to the Golden Thread we are connected to
the universal matrix of infinite creativity and infinite intelligence.
When we are connected to our Golden Thread, we go from
smallness into greatness. We realise that our light is the universal
light. Each of us has our own Golden Thread that entwines with
the collective Golden Thread of the One Mind. This collective
Golden Thread weaves its way on a journey to awaken our soul’s
truth, so that we may live our lives inspiring others to do the

Spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson, professes: “Our deepest
fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are
powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that
most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the
world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine,
as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God
that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And
as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

“You are part of the greater whole…
we are all One.” ~ Amata Goldie

• Our Golden Thread connects our etheric body to our physical
body; it connects our soul to the universe

• The entire universe is in a state of vibration

• By being aware of our language, physiology and focus we can
change our vibrational frequency

• We are divine, holy, complete, perfect beings

• When we chant, meditate, pray, sing, or dance, we realise our
oneness with everything; with all of creation

• When we connect with our Golden Thread, we connect with
the voice of our soul and we enter the realm of the eternal

• In living in the ‘Now’ moment and seeing with pure awareness,
we honour the magic of living

• In awakening our truth, we awaken others

• When we awaken to our divinity, we realise our oneness with
All That Is

~ Let your light shine!! Thank you for joining me here! ~

Golden Energy

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~ Thread of the Day~ The Healing Powers of Nature, Vibrational Medicine and the Now Moment!~

Let’s delve into the healing powers of nature, vibrational medicine, and the Now moment.

The stillness of nature infuses our being with the presence of
the Divine. When we sit in the stillness of nature we return to a
place that is timeless. Purely through allowing the cyclical rhythms
of nature to flow through us, she facilitates a recalibration effect
on our nervous system. Our body’s rhythms are the earth’s rhythms.
The ebb and flow of the ocean is the ebb and flow of our body’s rhythms. By
sitting quietly in nature and just being and observing, we enter a
state of quiet solitude. It is here that we can reconnect with our
inner essence. It is here that we can open up the channel to our
souls’ whisperings. Our Golden Thread rejoices as it is once again
singing the song of the universe.

Nature has an inherent wisdom all of her own. When we sit
quietly in nature and observe and tune into her vibration, we
will be imbued with a powerful sense of knowing. This powerful
knowing facilitates an inner understanding, whereby we see
everything as connected. We can go from a state of fragmentation
and separation into a state of wholeness and oneness. We realign
ourselves with the very pulse of life. In stillness and silence your
soul’s voice will arise. We are human ‘be-ings’, not human ‘doings’!
Let us focus upon the be-ing state in order to reconnect
with our Golden Thread and the true power that we were born
with. Let us sit in stillness and just ‘Be’. Let’s remove ourselves
from the world of doing for a while. When we go to nature on a
regular basis she infuses us with a sense of profound connection.
This wholeness, this connection leads to a sense of wellbeing.
Nature is the greatest healer. She will always return us to our true

Another way to raise our personal vibrational frequency and
reconnect with our Golden Thread is to utilise vibrational
medicine. Vibrational medicine has a powerful frequency all of its’
own. This medicine works upon our etheric field, or body field, at
bringing about a sense of balance, restoring energy distortions and
harmonising our vibration with a resonance that is conducive to
our wellbeing. Bach flowers, bush essences and essential oils are
all vibrational essences that can be used to enhance our sense of
wholeness. They are particularly effective when used to address
emotional states of imbalance resulting from stressful situations
and significant life changes. These may include a transition of
work, of career, of relationship, of living environment, loss of
a loved one and all life events that have a revolutionary effect
upon our life passage. The predominant emotions we experience
at these times are ones of stress, sorrow, grief, loss and deep

Vibrational medicine is derived purely from nature and can be
used to heal the fragmentary energetic state that these situations
bring about. The essences work on a very subtle level, often with
a profound effect. Bach flower essences derive from English flora;
Bush essences derive from Australian flora; and essential oils are
derived from all global floras that have been certified therapeutic
in their essential healing properties.

When we tune in to our soul and hear the voice of our soul speaking
to us, we are in true alignment with our higher self. It is this that
births a wonderful state of awareness. Awareness is very important so
that we may design the life of our dreams in a way that is a natural
spontaneous unfolding. To access higher levels of awareness,
cleansing our body is paramount. The body is our soul’s temple.
The soul dwells temporarily in our body and we must treat our body accordingly.
Make a pledge to your soul to treat your body with loving respect and sacred honour,
as you would upon entering a majestic holy temple. By cleansing
our body we are weeding our sacred garden so that we may
ensure that the blossoms of our soul may flourish and rise in full
illuminating bloom.

And now, let’s enter the eternal ‘Now’. We can live according
to our soul’s truth in the present moment. To live in the present
moment is to live with true awareness; this is true conscious
living. To live in the present moment enables us to make decisions
based on what Is. It frees us from the confines of the past and the
projections of the future. We no longer make decisions based on
past emotions, experiences or memories. When we live in the
‘Now’, we enter into a realm of pure timelessness. In living in the
realm of pure timelessness, we embrace the infinite potential that
is available to us in that ever-present moment.

“The truth resides in relaxation and stillness.
It is transparent and has a life of its own. All one
needs to do is to pay attention to it, and it willingly
communicates the wisdom of perfection.”
~ Leopold Soham


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~ Thread of the Day ~ The Power of Living your Truth, Is the Power to Free Others ~

To live in freedom, is to live in awareness. Awareness is the presence
that is with us, every waking moment of our life. Awareness is
also present in our sleeping state, but for this purpose let’s focus
on waking state awareness. There are many things we can do
to increase our level of awareness in our daily lives. One way to
transform your awareness entirely is to enter into a path of self-enquiry.
It is helpful to study some of the ancient Vedic texts and
the Eastern philosophies, which provide good pointers on how to
engage in the process of self-enquiry.

Through a process of self enquiry, which may take weeks,
months, or even years, when done with dedication, we can truly
free ourselves and move into a state of empowered liberation.
Through awareness we can discard old identities, old patterns
of conditioning, and old beliefs that no longer serve us. You may
find that your life charters a radical new course. Everything will be
examined and this can be extremely unsettling, but enormously
rewarding. We have the power to change our world, and create
our reality the way we choose.

“This mundane existence of not living in the
knowing of ones’ truth, is agonisingly mundane
without the madness of not desiring to free
oneself from it” ~ Leopold Soham

Self-enquiry is when we enquire into the nature of our existence.
We enquire and ask questions about our life, primarily our values,
our beliefs and our conditioning. Through self-enquiry we can
illuminate the beliefs and conditions that we are carrying with
us and acting out, often on a daily basis, that perhaps no longer
serve us. These identities or roles that we play in the journey of
life can serve us to a point, but there is a point when they can
become our prison.

The true path of self-enquiry is to engage rigorously on an inward
journey. This inward journey facilitates a path of freedom, selfknowledge
and liberation. By discarding our beliefs and our old
conditioning patterns and re-assessing the very fabric of life
that we have chosen, we can awaken and live in a state of full
awareness. Full awareness is the permeating crystal clear clarity
that pervades every moment of our existence. The clarity is so
sharp that it is unwavering. This unwavering clarity facilitates
us in living a life of purpose, meaning and effortlessness in
every action.

There are many different techniques that we can use to assist
in raising our level of awareness; self-enquiry is the foremost
one. When combined with a healthy regime of good nutrition,
exercise, cleansing and detoxification programs, the results can
be rapid and profound. These health programs are essential in
order to clean out the bodily vessel. When we cleanse our bodies,
we cleanse the cells of our self as it appears in form. Our bodies
are our earthly temples that house our souls, so it is important to
honour our temples with the respect we deserve.

Our cells have memory, which is carried with us in our bodies.
Every unresolved emotional issue, every sporting injury, every
disease state, every trauma that has ever been experienced, unless
processed and cleansed from the cell, will still be present in the
body’s cellular memory. Once we undergo a rigorous journey
of self-enquiry, these cells will detoxify and will want to release
old memories of pain, trauma and the emotional residue that no
longer serves us. The importance of detoxification is to not only
cleanse the body, but to also aid in the cleansing of the mind and
our conscious awareness.

In every moment our limiting beliefs can be realised and
transmuted to allow a return to our true states of wonder and joy.
Our inner essence which is linked by our divine Golden Thread
to the cosmos, seeks only to be its natural truth, expressing itself
through the vehicle of body, mind and soul.

Let the depth of your soul search in the silence,
for the beauty of your heart”
~ Amata ~

The process of self-enquiry has the ability to radically change our
life. For all who are prepared to question and examine
everything our self-created reality, this all encompassing
process is deeply confrontational, yet deeply rewarding if we
persevere. Every aspect of our current state of living will undergo
a questioning process. There will be fundamental changes that
we may consider necessary in furthering our evolutionary
journey. This may include re-evaluating our lifestyle on many
different levels, from our place of residence and current way of
life, to examining our media exposure and our information diet.

If you live in a high-rise apartment in a high density location like
a city, you may find that the vibrational frequency is no longer
suitable to your evolving spiritual nature. You may find yourself
moving from the city to the country or the seaside, to fulfil your
soul’s newly increasing need for space, so that your soul can
breathe and grow and expand, and to fulfil your soul’s ever-increasing
need for silence. The harmonic resonance of nature is
a totally different vibrational frequency and your soul will rejoice
in being away from the big city, even if it is just on a short retreat

You may find yourself no longer watching television, or listening
to the radio or reading newspapers. This is likely to happen
gradually. As your conscious awareness increases, you will
naturally be drawn to limiting your intake of negative media
coverage. This is the art of discernment. We have empowered
ourselves to discern what we expose our souls to, as in our
journey of rapid growth, we now have a new voice to heed. What
may once have been your mind’s need for entertainment has now
been replaced, or at least more consideration is given, to the need
for the soul’s enrichment and nourishment. This fine tuning is all
to do with frequency and vibration. Our soul intuitively knows
what is best for it.

“Our beliefs and experiences create our
circumstance and this becomes our ‘story’. Select
with discernment which ingredients to choose to
create the unique outcome you desire.”
~ Leopold Soham

This is all about designing your life, so you can live an extraordinary
existence and inspire others to do the same. The degree of change
you initially choose is entirely up to you. You will feel drawn to
some areas more than others. Trust your ‘gut instinct’. This is
your power centre in action, quite literally. Our ‘gut’, or abdomen
area, is our power house, our power centre, and is readily utilised
in martial arts training. It is also our emotional centre. So when
we feel something in our ‘gut’ in response to a synchronicity, the
unfolding of an event, or a life choice, we will know what our
natural response is by tuning in and becoming aware of what our
‘gut instinct’ is telling us. By developing your natural birth gift of
intuition and trusting your sense-perceptions, you will intuitively
know what works best for you.

When we are living in a place of sacredness, we are living in a
place of love. Our lives are infused with a sense of inner peace
and happiness because we are being true to ourselves. We have
discarded thoughts and actions that disempowered us, ones that
were driven by our conditioned identities. We now choose wisely
before engaging in activities that may compromise our true self.

The power of living your truth is the power to free others. It is
the power to liberate and facilitate others to live a life of freedom
and grace. When we live from our soul, we live from our heart.
We live from our intuition. When our lives are infused with a love
that resonates from within, we achieve deep peace.

By living from a state of sacred gratitude, we initiate a flow of universal energy
that brings more grace into our lives. When we are grateful for all
that we have manifested into our life, we can transmute sorrow,
pain and suffering. When we are grateful, we shift our vibrational
frequency to one of a high resonance. This high resonance you
are emitting will draw in more good, like a powerful magnet as
the universe works with you in co-creating your world.

“You are the miracle that is yet to be birthed..you are your potential realized, Open unto yourself…And discover the golden thread”

~ Amata ~

The Moon in the Desert

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~ Thread of the Day ~ Harnessing the Power of your Soul ~

How do we harness the power of our soul?

There is a beauty that comes form the act of surrender, and in this experience, we discover our souls longing. We pay homage to the very core of our true self. It is then that we discover our true power. Harnessing this power is more of a conscious engagement in doingness. The act of being is what unveils our inner essence in its truth. It is our inner God-self that we are communing with.

There are many beautiful ways we can harness the power of our soul. It is really about expressing our inner world on the outer world. By listening to our unique inner voice, we can exalt in forms of expression that elevate our spirit, and empower us to follow a path true to our own calling.

By regularly connecting with our inner God-self, we will experience
an earthly exhilaration that guides all that we do in our
outer life. This inner life of our soul’s awakening will be like a
whisper at first and then as a grand symphony. The more attention
that flows to knowing and honouring our soul’s truth, the
more energy cascades outwards in a way that is in alignment
with universal law. This means that the reality that we create for
ourselves will be in harmony with our true intent and it will be
one that is divinely guided. The closer we live to our soul’s longing,
the closer we feel connected to all that we manifest around
us. This intimacy is like finding the lost chord, as our inner song
becomes our outer song. The synthesis of this symphony is to be
at one with all of creation.

“In music, I am the melody”
The Bhagavad Gita

Dance is another way of aligning ourselves with the universal
matrix, in its fluidic form of expression. Dance is a powerful
medium for connecting with our soul essence and expressing
ourselves through the fluidity of movement. Through dance we
can express our soul’s truth and connect with the universal flow
of energy.

The Sufi Dancers were known as the “Whirling Dervishes” in
the 12th century, and they are examples of dance being used as
a way to elevate states of consciousness and to connect with the
Divine. All styles of dance activate the physical expression of
fluidic energy and connect us with our hearts passion to flow and
express. Dance has been a cultural calling since the beginning
of time, throughout the world, as a way of expressing our divine
connection to source. Everything from ceremonial rituals to ballet,
dance is a moving art-form that engages us in the spontaneity of
the moment, whilst elevating our vibrational frequency. Dance is
very freeing, liberating and expressive.

Both song and dance, when done with sacredness, are like a
meditation. This moving meditation infuses the qualities of that
state of higher frequency with our Golden Thread. When we
sing and dance, we are accessing our souls; we are accessing our
connection to the Divine.

The power of prayer is another profound way to connect with our
inner self and the Divine. Prayer can be an invocation, to invoke
something into being, or it can be a prayer of gratitude, which
has a very high frequency. Through song, dance, prayer and
meditation we can raise our vibration, our personal frequency
and return to our inner self, our core soul essence.

Another way to connect with our Golden Thread is through
chanting. Chanting is very powerful because it aligns our core
energy centres and raises our personal vibration through voice
resonance. Sacred chanting has been practiced for eons, each
culture having a different chant of symbolic profundity. There
are many examples of different forms of chanting, from different
cultural roots. One example is the chanting that the Nichiren
Buddhists of Japan practice, which is very ancient and very
sacred. Its core teaching is the realisation of the mystic law and
the mystic truth in the ocean of enlightenment.

When we chant, meditate, pray, sing, or dance, we realise our
oneness with everything and with all of creation. This realisation
imbues us with a sense of sacredness. This sense of sacredness
infuses our vast web of life. We live each day in wonder of the
precious and miraculous nature of existence and our part in it.
To chant, meditate, sing or dance is to align ourselves with the
matrix of infinite wisdom and intelligence. This is the matrix of
the Divine; the ever-present loving God energy.

When we engage in these practices on a regular basis, we will
discover that we will be able to hear the voice of our soul.
What was once a silent whisper will become a roar and this is
a very empowering moment indeed. Our soul is the source of
peace, harmony, creativity and all possibilities. It is beyond all
definitions, all labels. It is timeless and eternal. When we listen
to our soul, we listen to our true self. When we discover our
true self, we cannot be anything but that. The enormous sense
of empowerment that comes from this cannot be understated. By
discovering who we are, we can live the life of our dreams. We
can live true to ourselves and we can create a magical reality that
is abundant with infinite possibilities.

“When the life of a man, freed from all distractions,
finds its unity in the spirit, the knowledge
of the infinite comes to him immediately and
naturally, like light from a flame.”
~ Rabindrinath Tagore, Writer and Philosopher

When we live from our soul, we enter into a timeless existence.
We are no longer bound by the ego. The ego ties us to an external
reality. When we live our life in accordance with our soul’s truth,
our life unfolds in sheer joy. We realise that our inner world has
become our outer world. Life becomes a beautiful symbiotic
dance, with our outer reality reflecting our inner reality. This
inner world is the source of all power. We can be anything, do
anything and have anything. In recognising this, we can inspire
others to do the same.

When we live in this place of inner truth, our soul rejoices. Our
presence can then liberate others to live their truth. From this
place of understanding, we see the pain of others, we see the
suffering and we can show great compassion and understanding.
It is this compassion and understanding that can bring about a
transformational effect to the one in pain. Love has the power to
transmute all. When compassion is infused with unconditional
love, instantaneous healing energy unfolds.

When we are connected to the Golden Thread, we are connected
to our infinite power, and to the infinite power of the universe.
This power has the ability to heal, transform, create, manifest
and illuminate millions of lives. We are all born with this power.
Your connection to your soul essence, to your truth, to the Golden
Thread that weaves its way into the universal mind of the all-knowing,
will instigate a change in not only your life but, like a
pebble in a pond, your way of being has the power to create a
ripple effect across the whole planet.

It is when we live in this place of true inner essence that we
discard the limitations, the conditionings and the beliefs that we
have carried for so long and held within the identities that we
portray to the outside world. A dedicated path of self-enquiry will
facilitate this radical change. You will return to your true self. It
will be a homecoming.

“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.
There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.
O traveller, if you are in search of That
Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.
I see so deeply within myself.
This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives.
This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth.
To be one with the truth for just a moment,
Is worth more than the world and life itself.”
~ Rumi

This homecoming will flood you with happiness. Happiness
arises like a flower from our innermost self. Happiness cannot
be something that we find outside of ourselves. When we are at
one with our inner essence, we have achieved true happiness. It
is this happiness and inner peace that infuses our whole life. As
we allow life to flow through us on our journey, we experience
pleasure and pain, highs and lows, but in this state of inner peace,
there is no identification with either. We allow the experience to
flow into us and, like hollow bamboo, to pass through; knowing
that the sun will always shine again, after the thundercloud has

This is true freedom, this is living. We can experience the
duality of life but are caught in neither. We move freely, allowing
life’s changes and experiences to pass through, feeling them fully
but not becoming defined by either polarity. This is living from
our soul, our source.

Our soul is our inner resting place of eternal silence. It is a return to All That Is.


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~ Thread of the Day ~ Exploring the realms of Transcendence and Timelessness ~

” You are greater than you think. 

You need to live your natural spontaneous greatness; not think it! Go forth with relaxed awareness and trust that this is so” ~ Leopold Soham

Now that we have activated a new state of being, and honoured a
way of living that is conscious of our personal frequency, we have
facilitated within ourselves an awareness of the profound effect
that we, as masters of our own existence, can have upon our
lives and those of others. Now, we can truly make a connection
with our Golden Thread, our archetypal strand of golden lifeforce
energy that links our soul essence with the field of divine

“You’re not just a drop in the ocean, you’re also
the mighty ocean in the drop” ~ Rumi

Dr Deepak Chopra has expressed that only spirituality can solve
the problems of the world. He explains that as we begin to have
a more scientific understanding of the transcendent level of our
existence and examine the basic doctrines of all religions, we
discover that the spiritual experience is fundamental to all and
similar in all. So, Deepak is confirming what ancient scripts have
professed for years; that we are divine, we are holy, we are complete
and we are born perfect in the image of God, the Universal
Life-Force, All That Is.

“Oh, if you only knew yourselves! You are souls;
you are gods. If ever I feel that I am blaspheming,
it is when I call you man.”
~ Swami Vivekananda, Yogi

Deepak says that, “This experience can be had by anyone, through
the practice of meditation, prayer, contemplative self-inquiry, the
expression of love and compassion in action, intellectual inquiry
into the deeper meaning of life, and selfless service. With these
practices, we begin to realise that consciousness is a field of infinite
possibilities; that it is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient
and infinitely creative. This experience also leads to unbounded
love and compassion. Getting in touch with our deepest self is
therefore of the utmost importance because it is our connection
to the mystery that we call God.”

“There is no merging with the great oneness;
there is just the realisation that you are the great
oneness” ~ Amata ~

Let’s look at some practices that, with dedication, we can
integrate into our lives to embrace a state of higher awareness
and facilitate a higher personal vibratory frequency. The gradual
but remarkable new state of being that evolves will be one of
inner peace, immovable inner truth, recognition of your true self,
perfect inner equilibrium and intrinsic love and compassion. Just
by implementing these practices in a sacred way, you will unfold
a path with immeasurable benefits in your life. You will become
one again with that which never left. In realising this oneness you
will rejoice, for it is like a homecoming. You will feel cradled by
the great hand of all of existence.

Let’s consider the importance of meditation. If you integrate
into your life, a five or ten minute quiet time of stillness and
silence, morning and night, increasing to twenty minutes, you
will reap the benefits of returning to source. Meditation facilitates
a return to the inner. Our lives, from the moment we awake in the
morning, to the moment we sleep at night, are quite often lived
in the outside world, on the outside of self. All our energies are
projected onto the external. Meditation allows us to return to our
inner, our source, our core essence, our soul. When we return to
our inner, we can tune in and hear the whispers of our soul. This
return unleashes our creativity and intuition. Our soul is always
talking to us, sending us messages. When we are connected with
the whisper of our inner voice, we enter into a resting place that
is unmoving and unwavering. This resting place is the stability
point, the anchor for our being. Meditation is deeply rejuvenating
and is an essential way to deliver your inner self into a higher
state of awareness.

“I can give you nothing that does not already
have its origins within yourself. I can throw
open no picture gallery but your own. I can help
make your own world visible; that is all.”
~ Hermann Hesse, Philosopher and Writer

Song is another way to facilitate an expression of our soul’s truth.
The vibrational frequency of song aligns our chakras, raises our
personal vibration, enhances our tonal quality and connects us to
our higher self. Song is very powerful, opening all our chakras,
and aligning our inner self with the Divine and the universe. By
using our voice, we are also expressing our innermost self to the
world. Your soul has its own unique song to express.

Practice sitting quietly in meditation for 10 minutes. Allow yourself
to enter into a space of sacred awareness where all that exists is
the beating of your heart and the gentle whisper of your breath.
In this space you will become aware of a presence and warmth.
This is your soul pulsating at the very core of your being. In this
stillness and silence, your soul is able to be sensed more clearly.
Use your sense-perception and just follow your inner knowing.
You may continue on in meditation, just feeling the presence of
your soul, or you may feel a warm glow and a call to your body
to join in movement. This movement is a natural unfolding of
allowing your soul to commune with the great Life-Force. You
may feel a song meandering forth from your lips, and you may
find your body swaying in a motion that takes you soaring to the
heavens in sacred song and dance.

This is a most beautiful sacred ritual of divine connection and
soul awareness and one that is available to all of us. This practice
is as old as time itself, and is free from any religion and beliefs.
It is a gift that we can all activate with earnestness and higher
intent. The key to unlocking the voice of your soul is to surrender.
Surrender to the higher knowing and trust in the unification
that results. When we allow the outer world to quieten, we are
beckoning to our soul to speak. We are connecting with our inner
and we are listening with an open heart and mind to these sacred
whisperings. This sacred practice is a form of singing praise and
celebrating our divinity.

“We are the song of praise that returns us to the realms 
of timelessness” ~ Amata ~ 


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~ Thread of the Day ~ Awareness leads to self-transformation ~

Dr Masuru Emoto and the Buddhist Wisdom and Heart Sutra state
that everything is pure vibration.

This wondrous meeting of science with spirituality confirms the
true nature of our bodies and the universe. We are all vibrating,
appearing as form, or not appearing at all, depending upon the
frequency of our particular vibration.

Pioneering astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell, experienced a powerful
awakening whilst orbiting the earth, in which he shares, “In one
moment, I realized that this universe is intelligent. It is proceeding
in a direction, and we have something to do with that direction.
And that creative spirit, the creative intent that has been the
history of this planet, comes from within us and it is out there;
it is all the same. Consciousness itself is what is fundamental,
and energy-matter is the product of consciousness. If we change
our heads about who we are and can see ourselves as creative,
eternal beings, creating physical experiences, joined at that level
of existence we call consciousness, then we start to see and create
this world that we live in, quite differently.”

What Dr Mitchell realised was our divine interconnected-ness
with all living things. The creative intent he speaks of, is the very
life-force that flows through the whole universe as a vibration,
a matrix of infinite frequencies that have inherent qualities of
creation and destruction. We too, have this ability; the ability to
manifest in a creative or destructive way. Our vibration determines
our personal creation. Our thoughts, our mind, our intent, our
vibration, all shape our reality. If we see ourselves as intricately
connected to All That Is, then we are affirming our part in creation.
When we see ourselves as separate and alienated, then we deny
our very birthright. This birthright is the all-encompassing truth
that we are all one.

“The highest wisdom has but one science, the
science of the whole, the science explaining the
whole creation and man’s placement”
~ Leo Tolstoy, Great Novelist

Let’s now look at how we can enhance our personal frequency
and vibration. One way, is to become aware of our language, our
focus, and our physiology. This forms a simple three step process.
Firstly, let’s look at our language. If we can recognise and become
consciously aware, when our language is not coming from our
higher self, then we can easily change it. If we are frustrated,
angry, or fearful, our voice and our language will reflect that.

By being aware of this, we can shift the negative vibration into
a positive vibration, and install a positive language pattern. This
positive language pattern will be infused with high tonal qualities
and our language, our choice of words, the pitch of our voice, will
reflect that. By becoming aware of our predominant vocabulary
we can shift our personal vibration. This empowers us to discard
any words in our language that no longer serve our highest good.
We then create a space to bring in new words that enhance
the way we feel and by using new words that are of a positive
frequency, we can then raise our personal vibration.

When we are conscious and aware, we can observe our behaviour.
If we observe ourselves becoming engaged in a repetitive cycle
of negative emotions, through pure conscious awareness we can
facilitate a shift in our frequency from a predominant pattern of
negativity to a predominant pattern of positivity. This takes us
from frustration and fear, to happiness and peace, in an instant of
recognising that state. It is pure transmutation. Just by recognising
the negative state, we can then lay claim to our true power. We
can unravel ourselves from the point of view that is temporarily
distorting our world and return to a clear horizon.

“The ocean shows us the waves that come and
go, but the ocean remains the same”
~ Amata ~

Secondly, let’s look at focus. You are empowered to create your
reality entirely, in a way that is aligned with your highest purpose.
The fundamental key here is to observe our focus. Where is our
focus now? Where is our focus most predominantly? What result
has this predominant focus created in our lives? Focus is the key
to changing in an instant, where our attention is flowing. Where
attention flows so too does a concentrated amount of energy.
Remember, thoughts can become actions and words can create
our reality. You have the power to choose how to shape your

“All that we are is the result of what we have
thought. The mind is everything. What we
think, we become”
~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of 
Transcendental Meditation

The third point, to enhance our personal vibration, is to become
aware of our physiology. It is important to observe our physiology
in determining whether our body is reflecting our true state of
being. If we are emitting a positive frequency, we will be naturally
happy and joyous and our bodies will be upright and flexible,
reflecting that positive frequency state. If we are however,
emitting a negative frequency, we may be inclined to move our
body in a way that transmits these negative vibrations. We may
carry ourselves in a way that is not true to our natural state of
empowerment and our bodies may appear to be inflexible and

Our body has rhythms that are in direct correlation to the universal
rhythms. We are connected to the cosmic bodies of the universe,
the sun, the moon, the stars, the ocean and the galaxies. Our
bodies are more than seventy percent water, as is our planet more
than seventy percent water. This divine correlation means that
when the planet experiences energetic and cyclical shifts, then so
too do we. When we have a true awareness we can begin to feel
and tap into these natural rhythms, such as the moon’s monthly
cycle from crescent to fullness, the way that the moon affects
the tides of the ocean and the way that this corresponds to our
emotional and our biological states of natural being.
Our bodies are our temples and we honour our true selves when
we stand upright and luminous. Let us be aware of how our
bodies are responding to our thoughts and emotions. If we hold
our head up high and smile, we naturally emanate a radiant light
and a sense of positivity and inner wellbeing.

When we return to a state of harmony and emanate a frequency
that is in tune with universal law, a frequency that will bring
about and manifest the best in our lives, then we have access
to a grace, a power and a freedom that is the liberation of our
true self. We become the masters of our world, whereby we
acknowledge that we choose everything entirely and that we
create everything absolutely. We realise that we are the masters
of our own existence.

When we choose to implement these three simple steps, by
observing our language, our physiology and our focus, we
have the power to transform our world and raise our personal
frequency. Awareness of our behaviour, our thoughts and actions,
is the foundation to living life at the peak. Through dedication
and the application of these steps, we can walk through a new
gate into a new way of living and being, and into a new future.

We continue to re-connect with our Golden Thread in the next post…
thank you for reading 🙂


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~ Thread of the Day ~ Living in a high vibrational resonance ~

“Awaken to the eternal” ~ Amata ~

Let’s discover what the Golden Thread is and how we can re-establish
our connection with this eternal strand of gold.

The Golden Thread has woven its’ mysterious presence throughout
time immemorial. What is the Golden Thread? It is the unifying
point to the Divine. It is a single linking component opening up to
the higher divine energetic vibratory matrix of infinite creativity
and infinite intelligence. The vibrational frequency of the humanbeing
tapping into this field is finely attuned to be able to freely
receive the universal wisdom and insight that belongs to the
realm of cosmic consciousness. The Golden Thread is a symbol of
the divine guiding light of illumination and insight that directs us,
leading us on our true path in life. This thread of gold symbolises
a return to our ancient truth.

We are all born with a Golden Thread. This thread connects our
etheric body to our physical body. It connects our soul to the
universe. It is real and tangible, yet invisible to the naked eye.
This tangibility is documented in many near-death experiences,
whereby the human-beings’ soul essence, or life-stream, has
arisen from the body and in doing so, they have looked down
upon their body and have seen a thread of white silvery gold, an
etheric Golden Thread that connects the soul with their body. Our
bodies are our temporary dwelling houses whilst we are on this
planet. Our souls are eternal and they journey on. This etheric
Golden Thread is the unifying point to the Divine. It is the gateway
to God, to Spirit, to the Universal Life-Force, to All That Is.

Throughout time, many, many great geniuses and sages have
walked the planet and they have all had an incredible connection
to the matrix of infinite wisdom and divine guidance, through
their Golden Thread. It is this thread that connects us to the field
of infinite possibilities and infinite probabilities. It is this thread
that connects us to the great field of universal knowledge and
ancient wisdom.

There are many practical strategies that we can implement to reestablish
our connection with our Golden Thread, so that we may
be in tune with the universe and allow life to flow through us.

One of the most important things, to start with, is to raise our
vibrational frequency. This means to raise our energy levels in
a frequency vibratory sense. Whilst physical activity is excellent
at raising energy levels, our personal frequency is a resonance.
It is our own transmission that we emit to the world. It is our
personal resting vibrational state. For example, when exposed to
music such as heavy metal, we notice a fragmentary frequency
ensues. It will distort your personal frequency and you may feel
that you become quite affected by exposure to it. The pendulum
swings to the other end of the spectrum when we listen to music
such as classical symphony, Mozart or Beethoven. It has been
scientifically proven that these vibrations enhance and elevate
our own personal frequency. We feel heightened, whole and
complete. It is enhancing our resting state.

Firstly, let’s be aware of our resting state frequency resonance.
When we awake in the morning, what is the first predominant
feeling that comes to you? Is it a sense of dread, a sense of fear,
a sense of frustration? If so, then that will be the frequency that
will set the tonal resonance for the day. The way that your reality
and universe is created through that frequency, will be an effect
of the vibration that you are emitting. If we awake in the morning
and start the day in a way that is truly connected to our soul
essence, one of deep peace, deep love and resounding joy, then
our whole day will resonate forth these qualities. That frequency
will carry through to infuse our day with beautiful qualities and
our reality that unfolds from that, will be one that is conducive to
our wellbeing and inner peace. When we are in a state of oneness,
then this vibrates outwardly to the whole world. Our perception
of separation dissolves to become a state of interconnectivity with
all living things.

Upon awakening each morning, make the choice to emit light or
darkness, to choose joy or sadness, to choose love or fear.
It has been proven that the low frequency fragmentary vibrations
such as negative thought, negative word and negative action,
create an incongruent personal frequency, distorting the body
field. What is our body field? Our body field can be likened to
our aura. It is an energetic frequency of our personal vibration
that radiates around our physical being. This energetic resonance
that we all have is the sender and receiver of information. Like a
cosmic antenna, it is attuned to our emotional body, our spiritual
body, our etheric body and our physical body. This attunement
is vital if we are to receive true messages about our own state of
personal wellbeing. Our state of health can be pre-determined
by assessing our quantum body-field. All the thoughts we have
and all the vibrations we emit, of both a positive and negative
frequency, flow through our body-field. If thoughts or emotions
are repetitive and have a negative tonal quality, they can create a
state of energetic imbalance in the body-field. Our body-field will
always exhibit a state of energetic imbalance prior to manifesting
in our physical bodies as a dis-ease state. Dis-ease means the
body is not ‘at ease’, not in harmony, out of balance, out of a
state of natural equilibrium. Health exists when the body is in its
natural state of harmony. Good health is our fundamental nature.
This is the key to preventative health and wellbeing. When we live
and breathe this, we can choose to take the path of prevention,
rather than cure. Awareness and being in tune with our body is

Become aware of the frequency you are transmitting to the world.
A high frequency or personal vibration is first and foremost in
order to re-establish our connection with the Golden Thread. This
is our divine birthright.

An example of this is to use your senses to determine how you
feel after being exposed to varying degrees of sound vibration
in different environments. How do you feel? This is a good
question to ask as it engages our senses and our perception.
Sense-perception is a wonderful tool we can use to listen to the
messages we are receiving from each experience. When we tune
in to our senses and perceive our hearts response to a moment,
we are operating from a space of intuition. In this moment we are
being divinely guided.

Dr Masuru Emoto, through his revolutionary work, has proven
that water crystals are affected by our thoughts, words and
feelings. As the earth and our bodies are comprised of over 70%
water, this research has a profoundly far-reaching message in
realising the significance of our vibration. Dr Emoto says, “Water
is the mirror of the soul. It has many faces, formed by aligning
itself with the consciousness of human beings. What gives water
its ability to reflect what is in people’s souls? In order to answer
that question, I would first like to make sure that you understand
this fact. Existence is vibration. The entire universe is in a state
of vibration and each thing generates its own frequency, which
is unique.”

Dr Emoto’s research validates the science of quantum mechanics
which acknowledges that all substance is nothing more than

“That which can be seen has no form and that
which cannot be seen has form”
~Buddhist Wisdom and Heart Sutra

This wondrous meeting of science with spirituality confirms the
true nature of our bodies and the universe. We are all vibrating,
appearing as form, or not appearing at all, depending upon the
frequency of our particular vibration.

More on living a high vibrational resonance very very soon…thank you for joining me here! 🙂


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~ Thread of the Day ~ Entering the Field of All Possibilities ~

Let’s enter the Field of All Possibilities…

When we start to enquire into our own limitations and restrictive
ways of thinking, we can then truly see that in fact, our very
intrinsic essence is boundless. Each and every moment we exist in
a Field of All Possibilities. Harnessing these infinite, ever-present
possibilities really depends upon our state of consciousness.

“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and
wrong-doing there is a field, I will meet
you there.”
~ Rumi, Sufi Mystic and Poet

If we are thinking thoughts, or are emanating an energy
vibration of lack, then indeed lack will be further re-enforced by
the universe! This is what will be true for us in our reality. If,
however, we recognise our own inner nature to be one of infinite
abundance on all levels, then this very vibration alone will
resonate outwardly and the universe will deliver you this same
vibration of abundance.

“Give thanks for the abundance in your soul” ~ Amata

Through the observation of self we can ascertain what our predominant vibration is.
Let’s ask ourselves, “What is my predominant state in each moment of
each day?” Upon receiving your answer, then let’s ask, “How does
this make me feel?” Do you notice that you feel contracted when
your thoughts are ones of limitation? Do you notice that you feel
expanded when your thoughts are ones of boundlessness?

We can harness the energy of the universe simply by being aware
of our predominant state. Once we positively anchor the state that
is most conducive to our happiness, joy and wellbeing; why would
we practice anything other? Consciously we know this to be true,
but as complex, dynamic beings of energy; our subconscious may
tell us otherwise. There is a collective fear vibration upon our planet,
which seems to hinder us in living our lives to our fullest and truest.

When we allow life to flow through us, we are inviting spontaneity and
synchronicity into our lives. When we live a life that relies upon careful planning,
then we are closing the door to the magical unfolding of the universe. Let’s joyously
fling the door wide open again, as it was when we were a child and invite everything in,
new and unplanned.

Let’s release our fears, our disappointments, our grief, and take
the first step towards fulfilling our innermost burning desires.
The desires that formed when you were a child, which danced
as dreams in your imagination, which coaxed you to visualise
the great expanse of life that lay unexplored before you. The
imaginings you held in your heart, which shone as a dynamic
future, full of expectation and excitement. Let’s bathe every sense
in the majestic mystery of life and discover in each moment, the
newness and joy of beholding its infinite wonder.

It is time to reclaim our sense of mystery and wonder. It is time
to open our innermost beings to living the lives we were truly
destined to live.

“To live as our true natural essence is, as it
expresses as just that, in the same way that a
flower is a flower, it cannot be anything but its’
true state” ~ Leopold Soham

Let’s look at the subconscious mind and the power it has in
directing our conscious thoughts and actions. The subconscious
mind can be a ‘black hole’ of limiting beliefs and old conditioning
that has been passed on to you, usually very early on in life. Your
first seven years are the most influential in shaping who you are.
There are useful techniques that can re-program our subconscious
mind, including hypnotherapy and various subliminal audios
that address the subconscious mind, but some techniques are so
simple you can implement and facilitate changes within an hour,
without a therapist or an audio program!

“How do we do this?”
Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it length-ways in half. In
the left hand column write your affirmation. (What is it you
envisage for yourself?) A great one for activating your personal
power is: “My personal power is aligned with universal power.”

You may also like to try:
“I harness my personal power in each moment.”
“My personal power is unstoppable and creates fluidic
“I honour my personal power fully.”

To get the best results from this 20 to 30 minute exercise you
need to be uninterrupted. Set up an impenetrable sanctuary for
yourself for at least this time. Start writing and for every time you
write the affirmation in the left hand column, write a response
in the right hand column. Essentially, this exercise reveals what
is in your subconscious mind. It is important not to consciously
think about your right hand column response. Just write, almost
automatically, and continue until you have filled both sides of the
A4 sheet of paper.

The interesting thing about this exercise is that it not only reveals
layers of your subconscious mind, but can reprogram it. You may
have responses in the right hand column for the personal power
activation affirmations such as:
“Is it?”
“I doubt this.”
“I wish I could really believe this!”
“I feel that fear is present.”

And eventually, responses such as these may unfold:
“I embrace life with no limits and absolute empowerment.”
“I activate my personal power with confidence and ease.”
“I am responsible for co-creating my world.”
“I value myself and embrace my personal power absolutely.”

This is joyful indeed as your subconscious mind has begun the
process of changing its limiting beliefs around personal power.
Now, profound thought process changes are beginning to take
place. You can do this exercise with anything you want to reaffirm
as your new chosen reality in your life. Choose any aspect
of the many segments in the wheel of life, such as relationships,
health, career, social, spiritual, and financial and you will notice
your subconscious mind will begin to reveal itself. Remember
to keep going for 20 to 30 minutes and you can also use more
than just one sheet of A4 paper.

I encourage you to reveal your subconscious limiting beliefs today
and create a new reality – one that is in alignment with your highest
good and one that embodies your soul’s deepest dreams.

“Be just as you are in your unchanging
wholeness, and celebrate your uniqueness”
~ Amata ~

Let’s journey on to embark upon a magic carpet ride into the lives
of some extraordinary human beings. Here we shall experience
their magical realities, taste their unique peak experiences and
learn of the jewels of radiant insight, that these living geniuses
are about to share with us. Let’s follow the golden thread….

Key Points:

• Our mind is a dynamic tool that can wield the power to shape
our reality in the way that we desire
• We create our world, our personal reality, entirely
• When we have mastery over our thoughts, we have mastery
over our life
• The power of our intention can transform our dreams from a
state of formlessness into form
• Our true self is unchangeable and eternal
• Each and every moment, we exist in a Field of All Possibilities
• Enquire into your true nature and discover your real self
Creating and Experiencing Your Magical Reality
• Practice the Reality Creation exercise and apply the 3 powerful
• Reveal and reprogram your subconscious mind using the
powerful 30 minute Subconscious Re-programming writing
• Embark, in each and every moment, upon your own chosen
magical reality


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