~ The Resonance Effect ~ Catalyzing Inspiration in Each Other and the Powerful Symbology of Dreams ~

In compiling and writing The Golden Thread, I experienced something far greater than my own will. It was a project that consumed my every spare moment, around my work commitments, and yet in every one of those moments I was filled with profound joy. This brings me to the “resonance effect”. When we develop a passion for a project it seems to take on its own life, quite effortlessly, it drives itself, knowing exactly where it is heading.

This resonance I experienced, brought the project into being a lot quicker than if I had been ‘stressed or not resonating’ at the same vibration that the project required. This effect was really an inner calling that reached out for higher guidance, and in doing so, drew in  exactly the right beings to also contribute to the project. And again, in this, the resonance effect continued. I was buoyed by the resonance of the wisdom and depth of insight that all of my contributors gave to the book. In my interviews with each of these extraordinary and inspiring individuals, I too was uplifted and inspired. This to me, reinforced the very nature of our entire existence….that we are all connected. We need each other. No being is an island.

And so, in the absolute joy and gratitude I experienced in compiling such a project, today I felt to share with you a wonderful insight by Dr Michael Ellis, contributing author to The Golden Thread. Michael is an Integrative Doctor, Buddhist, Global Peace Ambassador and Founder of the Medical Renaissance Group.

I asked Michael, “What drives you?”

And here he shares his beautiful response:

“Experiences such as this drive me. I dreamt that I was with a group
of people who were around a central monolith in a circle. We had
come together to create a very significant project. It was obvious
that each person had unique qualities and abilities. The voice was
giving detailed information regarding our group’s intention. It was
evident that each person in the circle had something extremely
valuable to offer in terms of their knowledge and expertise. We
were rescuers on a planet, which was severely compromised. We
were to set up circles of like-minded people around the world, all
of whom had a common mission.

The aim was to set up peace boats to deliver essential supplies
to the deprived and compromised communities of people around
the world. The boats would be full of essential materials for
survival. However, the basic ingredients were not so much the
materials, but the quality of the people who were going to deliver
the supplies and who were involved in the process. I should
explain that this group had come together like a roundtable and
they had common unified agreements. We were all in a circle
centred on a stone monolith, near the sea. The monolith was a
pillar about six-foot tall. It was quite wide and in the centre was
emblazoned a six pointed star.
The star was a symbol of ultimate
compassion, an expression of the heart and an expression of
the Divine matrix of life. It was a symbol of illumination and an
expression of enlightenment. It was the projection of the monad
of the enlightened soul of humankind.

Because of this expression each participant, when delivering these
essential supplies to the deprived and compromised people, would
be a living embodiment of this group, in terms of compassion
and representing the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity.
They would transcend all differences of race, religion and culture.

The voice then said that there would be no problem about setting
this up as we would find extremely wealthy, almost billionaire
benefactors. The voice said we would start gradually with just a
small amount of money and that this would accumulate as the
message was promulgated. The circle was a sacred circle, a circle
of sharing. The meeting ended with a beautiful heartfelt song,
regarding the star and the nature of giving from the heart. The
song was sung by a man of African descent, with a beautiful soul
voice celebrating the event.

I woke up, realizing this had not been a dream but an experience
and a profound message and I wrote it down at the time and later
told other people about it. Later that night I had a dream about
Glastonbury. Above the hotel where I was staying, there was the
infinite sky in the infinite cosmos. When I looked up, I saw very
powerful flashes of lightning very high up in the universe. They
felt like messages in a strange tongue of light. I felt that there
were giant cosmic forces at work. The message was very clear.
The message was that this was an opportunity that would never
happen again for eons upon eons. This obviously was a call to
action. Now.

Since the experiential dreams I have found that by following my
intuition and creating appropriate actions, remarkable events
are unfolding relating to the themes of the dreams. In ‘The
Global Round Table for Peace Initiative’, I have called for the
establishment of Round Tables for Peace and the establishment of
an Australian Commission for Peace and Non Violence devoted to
new ways of thinking, developing a culture of Healing in Society
and facilitating nonviolent solutions to domestic and international
conflict. This is premised on the sentiment that humankind has
reached a state of development in which the old modes of thinking
and behaving threaten to destroy our planet.

I realise the symbology of these experiential messages came from
divine sources. For me there were so many complex symbols
in the dream that I still have difficulty in deciphering them.
Certainly opening the total heart is a key to world peace and
the lightning flashes from the seat of heaven suggest a divine
promise of salvation for all humanity. As a Buddhist I find these
experiences difficult to reconcile and feel as Dr Hurtak has since
said to me, that there are many languages of light and they all
come from the same divine source, mystic truth or divine nomad.
Indeed we are all expressions of the ultimate truth and therein
resides the perfection innate in every single human being.”

To join Michael’s inspiring initiative, visit: http://www.peacecentre.org

I have many more inspiring symbolic insights to share with you from
the amazing beings that I interviewed for The Golden Thread.
Let the resonance effect continue!!! Until next time! Love and blessings Xxx

Helping Each Other

About Amata Natasha Goldie

Blessings and greetings! Welcome to a little about me :-) My first non-fiction book is now available in Kindle and hardcopy. "The Golden Thread" is a collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms borne from an innate desire to assist in elevating the consciousness of humanity. First published in 2010, it is like many seeds that we plant, in the hope that it may find its way into the world and touch the lives of many. Sometimes time does not understand human vision. And sometimes the human mind does not understand time. Ultimately it takes time to see the blossoming of such visions that are dear to my soul for the upliftment of humanity. May we journey together to share love, wisdom and truth with the world. I am an author, poet, natural health practitioner, artist, and lover of life!! I have an arts and humanitarian background and have a deep compassion for all living things. I have had the joy of working in natural medicine for over 10 years where I have had the privilege of healing and helping others. I hold qualifications in Fine Art, Arts Management, English Literature, Philosophy, Body Therapies and Small Business. My passion is writing poetry, and to date I have written extensive collections of spiritual poetry, prose, soul affirmations and heart-felt anecdotes for greeting cards. I am guided to reach to the core of humanity and aim to uplift the soul with the timeless experiences of love, joy and celebration of the uniqueness that is embodied within each of us. I am blessed to have received outstanding acclaim by an online global audience of poetry lovers. With all of my heart I hope to have my first published poetry collection available very soon. I am passionate about catalyzing the highest potential in humanity and am dedicated to living a life that facilitates growth in others, in service to humanity, the animal kingdom. our beautiful Mother Earth and our infinitely evolving cosmos. I pray that my life path may embody love, truth and wisdom so that I may inspire and illuminate others, as guided by the all-seeing eye of the Divine Beloved. Thank you for joining me here Xxx
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