~ Thread of the Day ~ The Power of Living your Truth, Is the Power to Free Others ~

To live in freedom, is to live in awareness. Awareness is the presence
that is with us, every waking moment of our life. Awareness is
also present in our sleeping state, but for this purpose let’s focus
on waking state awareness. There are many things we can do
to increase our level of awareness in our daily lives. One way to
transform your awareness entirely is to enter into a path of self-enquiry.
It is helpful to study some of the ancient Vedic texts and
the Eastern philosophies, which provide good pointers on how to
engage in the process of self-enquiry.

Through a process of self enquiry, which may take weeks,
months, or even years, when done with dedication, we can truly
free ourselves and move into a state of empowered liberation.
Through awareness we can discard old identities, old patterns
of conditioning, and old beliefs that no longer serve us. You may
find that your life charters a radical new course. Everything will be
examined and this can be extremely unsettling, but enormously
rewarding. We have the power to change our world, and create
our reality the way we choose.

“This mundane existence of not living in the
knowing of ones’ truth, is agonisingly mundane
without the madness of not desiring to free
oneself from it” ~ Leopold Soham

Self-enquiry is when we enquire into the nature of our existence.
We enquire and ask questions about our life, primarily our values,
our beliefs and our conditioning. Through self-enquiry we can
illuminate the beliefs and conditions that we are carrying with
us and acting out, often on a daily basis, that perhaps no longer
serve us. These identities or roles that we play in the journey of
life can serve us to a point, but there is a point when they can
become our prison.

The true path of self-enquiry is to engage rigorously on an inward
journey. This inward journey facilitates a path of freedom, selfknowledge
and liberation. By discarding our beliefs and our old
conditioning patterns and re-assessing the very fabric of life
that we have chosen, we can awaken and live in a state of full
awareness. Full awareness is the permeating crystal clear clarity
that pervades every moment of our existence. The clarity is so
sharp that it is unwavering. This unwavering clarity facilitates
us in living a life of purpose, meaning and effortlessness in
every action.

There are many different techniques that we can use to assist
in raising our level of awareness; self-enquiry is the foremost
one. When combined with a healthy regime of good nutrition,
exercise, cleansing and detoxification programs, the results can
be rapid and profound. These health programs are essential in
order to clean out the bodily vessel. When we cleanse our bodies,
we cleanse the cells of our self as it appears in form. Our bodies
are our earthly temples that house our souls, so it is important to
honour our temples with the respect we deserve.

Our cells have memory, which is carried with us in our bodies.
Every unresolved emotional issue, every sporting injury, every
disease state, every trauma that has ever been experienced, unless
processed and cleansed from the cell, will still be present in the
body’s cellular memory. Once we undergo a rigorous journey
of self-enquiry, these cells will detoxify and will want to release
old memories of pain, trauma and the emotional residue that no
longer serves us. The importance of detoxification is to not only
cleanse the body, but to also aid in the cleansing of the mind and
our conscious awareness.

In every moment our limiting beliefs can be realised and
transmuted to allow a return to our true states of wonder and joy.
Our inner essence which is linked by our divine Golden Thread
to the cosmos, seeks only to be its natural truth, expressing itself
through the vehicle of body, mind and soul.

Let the depth of your soul search in the silence,
for the beauty of your heart”
~ Amata ~

The process of self-enquiry has the ability to radically change our
life. For all who are prepared to question and examine
everything our self-created reality, this all encompassing
process is deeply confrontational, yet deeply rewarding if we
persevere. Every aspect of our current state of living will undergo
a questioning process. There will be fundamental changes that
we may consider necessary in furthering our evolutionary
journey. This may include re-evaluating our lifestyle on many
different levels, from our place of residence and current way of
life, to examining our media exposure and our information diet.

If you live in a high-rise apartment in a high density location like
a city, you may find that the vibrational frequency is no longer
suitable to your evolving spiritual nature. You may find yourself
moving from the city to the country or the seaside, to fulfil your
soul’s newly increasing need for space, so that your soul can
breathe and grow and expand, and to fulfil your soul’s ever-increasing
need for silence. The harmonic resonance of nature is
a totally different vibrational frequency and your soul will rejoice
in being away from the big city, even if it is just on a short retreat

You may find yourself no longer watching television, or listening
to the radio or reading newspapers. This is likely to happen
gradually. As your conscious awareness increases, you will
naturally be drawn to limiting your intake of negative media
coverage. This is the art of discernment. We have empowered
ourselves to discern what we expose our souls to, as in our
journey of rapid growth, we now have a new voice to heed. What
may once have been your mind’s need for entertainment has now
been replaced, or at least more consideration is given, to the need
for the soul’s enrichment and nourishment. This fine tuning is all
to do with frequency and vibration. Our soul intuitively knows
what is best for it.

“Our beliefs and experiences create our
circumstance and this becomes our ‘story’. Select
with discernment which ingredients to choose to
create the unique outcome you desire.”
~ Leopold Soham

This is all about designing your life, so you can live an extraordinary
existence and inspire others to do the same. The degree of change
you initially choose is entirely up to you. You will feel drawn to
some areas more than others. Trust your ‘gut instinct’. This is
your power centre in action, quite literally. Our ‘gut’, or abdomen
area, is our power house, our power centre, and is readily utilised
in martial arts training. It is also our emotional centre. So when
we feel something in our ‘gut’ in response to a synchronicity, the
unfolding of an event, or a life choice, we will know what our
natural response is by tuning in and becoming aware of what our
‘gut instinct’ is telling us. By developing your natural birth gift of
intuition and trusting your sense-perceptions, you will intuitively
know what works best for you.

When we are living in a place of sacredness, we are living in a
place of love. Our lives are infused with a sense of inner peace
and happiness because we are being true to ourselves. We have
discarded thoughts and actions that disempowered us, ones that
were driven by our conditioned identities. We now choose wisely
before engaging in activities that may compromise our true self.

The power of living your truth is the power to free others. It is
the power to liberate and facilitate others to live a life of freedom
and grace. When we live from our soul, we live from our heart.
We live from our intuition. When our lives are infused with a love
that resonates from within, we achieve deep peace.

By living from a state of sacred gratitude, we initiate a flow of universal energy
that brings more grace into our lives. When we are grateful for all
that we have manifested into our life, we can transmute sorrow,
pain and suffering. When we are grateful, we shift our vibrational
frequency to one of a high resonance. This high resonance you
are emitting will draw in more good, like a powerful magnet as
the universe works with you in co-creating your world.

“You are the miracle that is yet to be birthed..you are your potential realized, Open unto yourself…And discover the golden thread”

~ Amata ~

The Moon in the Desert

About Amata Natasha Goldie

Blessings and greetings! Welcome to a little about me :-) My first non-fiction book is now available in Kindle and hardcopy. "The Golden Thread" is a collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms borne from an innate desire to assist in elevating the consciousness of humanity. First published in 2010, it is like many seeds that we plant, in the hope that it may find its way into the world and touch the lives of many. Sometimes time does not understand human vision. And sometimes the human mind does not understand time. Ultimately it takes time to see the blossoming of such visions that are dear to my soul for the upliftment of humanity. May we journey together to share love, wisdom and truth with the world. I am an author, poet, natural health practitioner, artist, and lover of life!! I have an arts and humanitarian background and have a deep compassion for all living things. I have had the joy of working in natural medicine for over 10 years where I have had the privilege of healing and helping others. I hold qualifications in Fine Art, Arts Management, English Literature, Philosophy, Body Therapies and Small Business. My passion is writing poetry, and to date I have written extensive collections of spiritual poetry, prose, soul affirmations and heart-felt anecdotes for greeting cards. I am guided to reach to the core of humanity and aim to uplift the soul with the timeless experiences of love, joy and celebration of the uniqueness that is embodied within each of us. I am blessed to have received outstanding acclaim by an online global audience of poetry lovers. With all of my heart I hope to have my first published poetry collection available very soon. I am passionate about catalyzing the highest potential in humanity and am dedicated to living a life that facilitates growth in others, in service to humanity, the animal kingdom. our beautiful Mother Earth and our infinitely evolving cosmos. I pray that my life path may embody love, truth and wisdom so that I may inspire and illuminate others, as guided by the all-seeing eye of the Divine Beloved. Thank you for joining me here Xxx
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