~ Thread of the Day~ The Healing Powers of Nature, Vibrational Medicine and the Now Moment!~

Let’s delve into the healing powers of nature, vibrational medicine, and the Now moment.

The stillness of nature infuses our being with the presence of
the Divine. When we sit in the stillness of nature we return to a
place that is timeless. Purely through allowing the cyclical rhythms
of nature to flow through us, she facilitates a recalibration effect
on our nervous system. Our body’s rhythms are the earth’s rhythms.
The ebb and flow of the ocean is the ebb and flow of our body’s rhythms. By
sitting quietly in nature and just being and observing, we enter a
state of quiet solitude. It is here that we can reconnect with our
inner essence. It is here that we can open up the channel to our
souls’ whisperings. Our Golden Thread rejoices as it is once again
singing the song of the universe.

Nature has an inherent wisdom all of her own. When we sit
quietly in nature and observe and tune into her vibration, we
will be imbued with a powerful sense of knowing. This powerful
knowing facilitates an inner understanding, whereby we see
everything as connected. We can go from a state of fragmentation
and separation into a state of wholeness and oneness. We realign
ourselves with the very pulse of life. In stillness and silence your
soul’s voice will arise. We are human ‘be-ings’, not human ‘doings’!
Let us focus upon the be-ing state in order to reconnect
with our Golden Thread and the true power that we were born
with. Let us sit in stillness and just ‘Be’. Let’s remove ourselves
from the world of doing for a while. When we go to nature on a
regular basis she infuses us with a sense of profound connection.
This wholeness, this connection leads to a sense of wellbeing.
Nature is the greatest healer. She will always return us to our true

Another way to raise our personal vibrational frequency and
reconnect with our Golden Thread is to utilise vibrational
medicine. Vibrational medicine has a powerful frequency all of its’
own. This medicine works upon our etheric field, or body field, at
bringing about a sense of balance, restoring energy distortions and
harmonising our vibration with a resonance that is conducive to
our wellbeing. Bach flowers, bush essences and essential oils are
all vibrational essences that can be used to enhance our sense of
wholeness. They are particularly effective when used to address
emotional states of imbalance resulting from stressful situations
and significant life changes. These may include a transition of
work, of career, of relationship, of living environment, loss of
a loved one and all life events that have a revolutionary effect
upon our life passage. The predominant emotions we experience
at these times are ones of stress, sorrow, grief, loss and deep

Vibrational medicine is derived purely from nature and can be
used to heal the fragmentary energetic state that these situations
bring about. The essences work on a very subtle level, often with
a profound effect. Bach flower essences derive from English flora;
Bush essences derive from Australian flora; and essential oils are
derived from all global floras that have been certified therapeutic
in their essential healing properties.

When we tune in to our soul and hear the voice of our soul speaking
to us, we are in true alignment with our higher self. It is this that
births a wonderful state of awareness. Awareness is very important so
that we may design the life of our dreams in a way that is a natural
spontaneous unfolding. To access higher levels of awareness,
cleansing our body is paramount. The body is our soul’s temple.
The soul dwells temporarily in our body and we must treat our body accordingly.
Make a pledge to your soul to treat your body with loving respect and sacred honour,
as you would upon entering a majestic holy temple. By cleansing
our body we are weeding our sacred garden so that we may
ensure that the blossoms of our soul may flourish and rise in full
illuminating bloom.

And now, let’s enter the eternal ‘Now’. We can live according
to our soul’s truth in the present moment. To live in the present
moment is to live with true awareness; this is true conscious
living. To live in the present moment enables us to make decisions
based on what Is. It frees us from the confines of the past and the
projections of the future. We no longer make decisions based on
past emotions, experiences or memories. When we live in the
‘Now’, we enter into a realm of pure timelessness. In living in the
realm of pure timelessness, we embrace the infinite potential that
is available to us in that ever-present moment.

“The truth resides in relaxation and stillness.
It is transparent and has a life of its own. All one
needs to do is to pay attention to it, and it willingly
communicates the wisdom of perfection.”
~ Leopold Soham


About Amata Natasha Goldie

Blessings and greetings! Welcome to a little about me :-) My first non-fiction book is now available in Kindle and hardcopy. "The Golden Thread" is a collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms borne from an innate desire to assist in elevating the consciousness of humanity. First published in 2010, it is like many seeds that we plant, in the hope that it may find its way into the world and touch the lives of many. Sometimes time does not understand human vision. And sometimes the human mind does not understand time. Ultimately it takes time to see the blossoming of such visions that are dear to my soul for the upliftment of humanity. May we journey together to share love, wisdom and truth with the world. I am an author, poet, natural health practitioner, artist, and lover of life!! I have an arts and humanitarian background and have a deep compassion for all living things. I have had the joy of working in natural medicine for over 10 years where I have had the privilege of healing and helping others. I hold qualifications in Fine Art, Arts Management, English Literature, Philosophy, Body Therapies and Small Business. My passion is writing poetry, and to date I have written extensive collections of spiritual poetry, prose, soul affirmations and heart-felt anecdotes for greeting cards. I am guided to reach to the core of humanity and aim to uplift the soul with the timeless experiences of love, joy and celebration of the uniqueness that is embodied within each of us. I am blessed to have received outstanding acclaim by an online global audience of poetry lovers. With all of my heart I hope to have my first published poetry collection available very soon. I am passionate about catalyzing the highest potential in humanity and am dedicated to living a life that facilitates growth in others, in service to humanity, the animal kingdom. our beautiful Mother Earth and our infinitely evolving cosmos. I pray that my life path may embody love, truth and wisdom so that I may inspire and illuminate others, as guided by the all-seeing eye of the Divine Beloved. Thank you for joining me here Xxx
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